We all want our children to love the Bible, but we often do not know where to begin!

Superbook Family Night has been created to help families spend quality time learning about Bible together in a fun and engaging way!

Each Superbook Family Night includes a Supebook Video to watch based on a story from the Bible, a Bible verse to memorize together, a fun game or activity, and family discussion questions.

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We have designed the content so that it requires little preparation on the parent’s behalf so that you can maximize the time you spend with your children.

Our prayer is that as families participate in the Family Night together, they will not only grow closer to each other, but also to God!

So what are you waiting for? Start a new family tradition and host your own Superbook Family Night!

The Superbook Family Night (Season 1) includes 13 Family Night contents and is available in 4 different languages.


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